OpenMP Tutorial

As in previous editions, IWOMP/OpenMPCon are organizing an OpenMP tutorial, to be hold on September 26th, 2018.


Tutorial I     9.30 - 1:00pm (Coffee break at 10.30)

"Introduction to 'OpenMP Common Core'"

   Yun (Helen) He (Lawrence-Berkeley Lab),
   Barbara Chapman (Stony Brook Univ.),
   Oscar Hernandez (Oak Ridge National Lab)

OpenMP is the de facto standard for writing parallel applications for shared memory computers. Over 20 years of the development, with many new features and capabilities continuously being added, OpenMP has become a choice for performance professionals.  However with a specification over 350 pages and growing, it may intimidate new OpenMP users and view the APIs as for "experts only"

Most OpenMP programmers, however, use just 19 items from the specification. We call these 19 items the "OpenMP Common Core". By focusing on the common core first, we make OpenMP easy again for new users. In this half-day hands-on tutorial, we explore the common core of OpenMP through a carefully selected set of exercises, so students will master the common core and learn to apply it to their own problems. Please bring a laptop of your own with internet access. Training accounts will be provided
for hands-on exercises.


Tutorial II   2:00pm - 4:00pm (Coffee break at 4:00pm)

"A Hands-on Introduction to using Parallelware Trainer: Using Parallelware Trainer to speed up your understanding of OpenMP and how to use OpenMP in real applications."

Presenter: Toni Collis (Appentra)

This 2-hour course will demonstrate how to use Parallelware Trainer and to simplify your learning of OpenMP, and how to quickly and effectively use OpenMP in real applications. Find out in the practical sessions on how to easily take a real application from sequential code to OpenMP enabled software in just a few hours, using the methods learnt earlier in the day at IWOMP. By using Parallelware Trainer you will also be able to minimise and nearly eliminate the introduction of syntax errors and race conditions as you are guided through the parallelisation process.

This foundation will give you the ability to appreciate how to use HPC in your field and also equip you with the tools to start making effective use of HPC facilities yourself.


Tutorial III   4.30pm - 6.30pm

"Advanced OpenMP for Performance"

Presenters: Michael Klemm (Intel),
                  Xavier Teruel (BSC),
                  Xavier Martorell (BSC/UPC)

In this part of the tutorial, we will cover several advanced topics of OpenMP:

   What is "Advanced OpenMP"? / Miscellaneous features

   Advanced Tasking

   NUMA Aware programming

   Vectorization / SIMD