OpenMPCon 2018

Program will be made available after papers have been revised and accepted.

Tutorial Day

Program will be made available soon.

IWOMP 2018

Thursday Sep. 27th

8:00    Registration opens

9:00    Welcome to IWOMP 2018

9:10    Keynote (will be announced soon)

10:30  Best Paper

 Joseph Schuchart, Keisuke Tsugane, Jose Gracia and Mitsuhisa Sato
"The Impact of Taskyield on the Design of Tasks Communicating through MPI"

11:00 Coffee break

11:30 1st Paper Session: Loops and OpenMP

Florina M. Ciorba, Christian Iwainsky and Patrick Buder
"OpenMP Loop Scheduling Revisited:  Making a Case for More Schedules"

Michael Kruse and Hal Finkel
"A Proposal for Loop-Transformation Pragmas"

Ian Bertolacci, Michelle Strout, Bronis de Supinski, Tom Scogland,Eddie Davis and Catherine Olschanowsky
"Extending OpenMP to Facilitate Loop Optimization"

1:00pm Lunch

2:30pm 2nd Paper Session: OpenMP in Heterogeneous Systems

Lingda Li, Hal Finkel, Martin Kong and Barbara Chapman
"Manage OpenMP GPU Data Environment under Unified Address Space"

Swaroop Pophale, Jose Manuel Monsalve Diaz, Oscar Hernandez, David E. Bernholdt and Sunita Chandrasekaran
"OpenMP 4.5 Validation and Verification Suite for Device Offload"

Yutaka Watanabe, Jinpil Lee, Taisuke Boku and Mitsuhisa Sato
"Trade-off of offloading to FPGA in OpenMP Task-based programming"

4:00pm Coffee break

4:30pm 3rd Paper Session: OpenMP Improvements and Innovations

Johannes Doerfert and Hal Finkel
"Compiler Optimizations For OpenMP"

John Pennycook, Jason Sewall and Alejandro Duran
"Supporting Function Variants in OpenMP"

Maria A. Serrano, Sara Royuela and Eduardo Quiñones
"Towards an OpenMP Specification for Critical Real-time Systems"

6:00pm End of the day

Friday, Sep. 28th

10:00 Keynote (will be announced soon)

11:00 Coffee break

11:30 4th Paper Session: OpenMP User Experiences: Applications and Tools

Tianmu Xin, Zhengji Zhao, Yue Hao, Binping Xiao, Qiong Wu, Kevin Smith, Alexander Zaltsman and Xinmin Tian
"Performance Tuning to Close Ninja Gap for Accelerator Physics Emulation System (APES) on Intel Xeon Phi Processors"

Vishakha Agrawal, Michael J. Voss, Pablo Reble, Vasanth Tovinkere, Jeff Hammond and Michael Klemm
"Visualization of OpenMP Task Dependencies using Intel Advisor Flow Graph Analyzer"

Chunhua Liao, Pei-Hung Lin, Markus Schordan and Ian Karlin
"A Semantics-Driven Approach to Improving DataRaceBench's OpenMP Standard Coverage"

1:00pm Lunch

2:30pm 5th Paper Session: Tasking Evaluations

Thierry Gautier, Christian Perez and Jérôme Richard
"On the Impact of OpenMP Task Granularity"

Jeremy Kemp and Barbara Chapman
"Mapping OpenMP to a Distributed Tasking Runtime"

Jannis Klinkenberg, Philipp Samfass, Christian Terboven, Alejandro Duran, Michael Klemm, Xavier Teruel, Sergi Mateo, Stephen L. Olivier and Matthias Mueller
"Assessing Task-to-Data Affinity in the LLVM OpenMP Runtime"

4:00pm End of Workshop